by Miguel Herranz

Flow is a sculptural piece with gently, harmoniously flowing surfaces that encounter each other in fascinating ways, emphasizing the sink's practical features and reflecting light to beautiful effect.


“In designing the sink, I avoided flat, conical or spheroid shapes. The robotic machining of the piece brings out the elegance and purity of the original block, with its form revealing the natural essence of the stone,” explains Miguel Herranz, the collection's designer.“Robotic machining makes it possible to emphasize the original volume of the natural stone,” explains Miguel Herranz, who designed the Flow sink.

What is particularly interesting is how the sink's appearance shifts depending on the vantage point, although it always stays true to its sculptural character. The fact that one area is elevated creates a small hollow that provides a practical solution for leaving small objects, as well as conveying an impression of lightness.


The unusual design gives the sink a graceful lightweight appearance while supplying plenty of countertop space. In addition, the slightly recessed base allows the sink to rest on countertops that are only 35 cm deep, making it an ideal solution for small spaces.

Nerinea provides a wide selection of natural stone, which opens up myriad possibilities when it comes to crafting the sink, with each choice of stone revealing a different personality.The Essence sink is available in both vessel and wall-mounted versions.