Nerinea has built the most versatile factory in the natural stone sector, which connects to an automated warehouse that supplies the raw blocks of stone.

Specifically designed software minimizes human intervention across the entire production process, thus improving workplace safety and reducing the environmental impact by using water spray systems to eliminate dust.

The area specializing in sculptural work has a large-scale KUKA robot to quickly and precisely chisel pieces up to 4 meters in size.

The machining center carries out operations like cutting slabs with bridge saws or waterjet systems, precision drilling, exterior and interior polishing, plus it guarantees the highest precision in the production of open-book panels through the use of overhead cameras.


This makes Nerinea the perfect partner for architects, interior decorators and designers for whom the only limit is their own imagination.

Browse high resolution photographs of the 2,500 slabs available in stock. See how your project will look with an image-based rendering using custom sized photographs of the stones.